The Resurgence of Empire in East Asia


Annnnd we’re back to your old friend China. There is an awful lot packed into chapter 13.  It analyzes not one, not two, but THREE Chinese dynasties plus their effect on neighbors like Korea, Vietnam, and Japan.  That’s a lot of information in barely 22 pages.  Weigh in with any questions and comments here! (and yes, the sign is correct.  You are not allowed to die here.)

AP World now has a class blog!

Now that week one is almost in the books and we are about to hit the ground running in Unit 3, I wanted to create a more private space on the web for the AP Cohort of 2016-17 to interact.  I still encourage people who utilize Facebook to use the group there, but I thought this would be a better place to get into more in-depth discussion about reading and class material.  Coming up, our return to China in chapter 13…